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CodeTitlePDFRecordedSubjectDateStart TimeEnd TimeSpeakersCurrent FeeCe HoursStatus
F138ACP Clinical Protocols for Full Arch Fixed Implant-Supported Prosthesis Prosthodontics02-23-20179:00 AM10:00 AMAvinash Bidra$0.001.00Open
F165ACP Don't Overlook Implant Overdentures Prosthodontics02-23-20172:30 PM3:30 PMLyndon Cooper$0.001.00Open
F140ACP Integration of Esthetic Dentistry & Ceramics: Science in Routine & Complex Prosthodontics Prosthodontics02-23-201711:00 AM12:00 PMKenneth Malament$0.001.00Open
F164ACP Current Techniques in Implant Prosthodontics Prosthodontics02-23-20171:30 PM2:30 PMHans-Peter Weber$0.001.00Sold Out
F139ACP Prosthodontic Overview of Restoring Edentulous Arch with Emphasis on Atrophic Maxilla Prosthodontics02-23-201710:00 AM11:00 AMFrank Tuminelli$0.001.00Open
F166ACP Full-Arch Fixed Screw Retained PFM Implant Restoration: A New Look At Proven Technology Prosthodontics02-23-20173:30 PM4:30 PMJack Piermatti$0.001.00Open
F360 Single-File Endodontics – Fantasy or Reality? Endodontics02-25-20179:30 AM11:00 AMStephen Weeks$0.001.50Sold Out
C100A Empower Your Practice: Know Your Numbers Business/Communications02-23-20179:00 AM10:00 AMLois Banta$150.001.00Sold Out
C100B At Last, Technology Pays for Itself Business/Technology02-23-201710:00 AM11:00 AMLawrence Emmott$0.001.00Sold Out
C100C Your Image/Your Brand/Your Success: What Does it Take to Have Your Patients Refer? Business/Image02-23-201711:00 AM12:00 PMJanice Hurley$0.001.00Sold Out
C100D Leadership & Decision Making: Business Perspective Leadership02-23-20171:00 PM2:00 PMAshleigh Rosette$0.001.00Sold Out
C100E Drama Queens, Pot Stirrers & Problem Makers: Transform Toxic Attitudes to Tremendous Attitudes 160.28 KB Business/Communications02-23-20172:00 PM3:00 PMJudy Kay Mausolf$0.001.00Sold Out
C100F Measuring the Right Stuff: 3 Drivers of Sustained Growth & Success Restorative02-23-20173:00 PM4:00 PMMark Murphy$0.001.00Sold Out
F101LPD Predictable Transcrestal/Translateral Sinus Elevation Implants02-23-20179:00 AM12:00 PMDavid Jehyun Chong, Brandon Kang$0.003.00Open
F102LPD Replace Missing Teeth in One Appointment: Accomplish One Appointment Denture Stabilization Implants02-23-20171:30 PM4:30 PMTodd E. Shatkin$0.003.00Open
P113 Understanding Denture Repairs: The Lost Art Of Acrylic Materials Removable Prosthodontics02-23-20178:00 AM11:00 AMRichard Bona Jr.$340.003.00Sold Out
P116 Obtaining Accurate Alginate Impressions & Models Impression & Model Pouring02-23-20178:30 AM11:30 AMSarah Conroy$190.003.00Sold Out
P116R1 Obtaining Accurate Alginate Impressions & Model Impression & Model Pouring02-23-20171:00 PM4:00 PMSarah Conroy$190.003.00Sold Out
P117 Class IV Composites: Layering Techniques for Predictability & Success Restorative02-23-20178:30 AM11:30 AMDennis Hartlieb$340.003.00Open
P150 Blocking out the Anterior Discolored Tooth: Techniques & Tips for Clinical Success Restorative02-23-20171:00 PM4:00 PMDennis Hartlieb$340.003.00Open
P130 Are Your Pictures Perfect? How to Produce Quality Radiographs Radiology02-23-20179:00 AM12:00 PMEdwin Parks, Gail Williamson$165.003.00Sold Out
P130R1 Are Your Pictures Perfect? How to Produce Quality Radiographs Radiology02-23-20171:30 PM4:30 PMEdwin Parks, Gail Williamson$165.003.00Sold Out
P131 Oral Surgery in General Practice Oral Surgery02-23-20179:00 AM12:00 PMRobert Edwab$340.003.00Sold Out
P131R1 Oral Surgery in General Practitice 1.21 MB Oral Surgery02-23-20171:30 PM4:30 PMRobert Edwab$340.003.00Open
P162 Crown Lengthening Workshop Periodontics02-23-20171:30 PM4:30 PMJames Kohner$340.003.00Sold Out